About Us

With the heritage of making a change in The Gambia for the past 12 years, Volunteer Trails is the creation of a new vision that will improve the quality of lives of Gambians in a sustainable and self-sufficient way.

We are the voice for responsible volunteering and eco-, rural- and community-based travel in The Gambia.
Everyone involved in our projects is fairly paid and encouraged. Hand in hand with communities, we create job opportunities as we don’t believe that (just) giving is beneficial to the people and their future. Our mission is to minimize or completely remove dependency on instant cash donations. Instead, we believe there must be an exchange of services and/or products for earnings.

Education, exchange, sharing, accepting and making an impact is our mission. And we invite like-minded people to join us.

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Volunteering Opportunities

7 days Musical Trail + Volunteering

Embark on the Ninki Nanka Musical Trail, a captivating 7-day journey that invites you to discover The Gambia through the enchanting realm of music. This unique expedition combines awe-inspiring sights, deep dives into history, rich traditions, vibrant culture, and soul-stirring heritage. Feel the rhythmic beats of traditional drums, and the warmth of Gambian soil beneath your feet as you dance, and share a piece of your heart with the welcoming people you’ll meet along the way.

Assistance in the Nursery School

The kindergarten caters to children aged 4 to 8, organized into three preschool education levels. The primary goal of preschool education is to equip children with essential skills, primarily in English language, numeracy, and shapes, serving as a robust foundation for their entry into primary school. Volunteers in the kindergarten contribute as teacher’s assistants, leading workshops and sharing knowledge to prepare interactive lessons for young learners.

Summer Camp in the Nursery School

Join us for a rewarding volunteering experience during the summer holidays at our kindergarten in Brufut, Ghana Town, The Gambia. The summer camps cater to children from the local villages, including those attending our kindergarten year-round and those who have never had the chance to enrol in school.

Contribute to our current Project!​

Help us light up the village of Kerewan Samba Sira with 75 additional solar lights to help create a safe environment and boost the local economy by creating a safe environment with extended working hours. 

Recent Posts

Discover A Unique Journey of Music and Volunteering

Embark on a captivating 7-day adventure with the Ninki Nanka Musical Trail, where music meets responsible travel and volunteering in The Gambia. The Musical Trail is scheduled for September 29, 2024. After the 7-day program, you can extend your experience with one or two weeks of volunteering in various fields.

Illuminating Kerewan Samba Sira: 75 New Lights Installed!

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who played a pivotal role in making phase 2 of the Solar Lights project in Kerewan Samba Sira village a resounding success. Your collective efforts, commitment, and support have genuinely illuminated the lives of the villagers, and we are thrilled to share the highlights of our recent visit to the community.

Stories of Our Volunteers: Zala Košir

This can’t be started differently than to say that the experience was amazing, and it truly warmed my heart. If you are thinking of going to The Gambia as a volunteer, don’t wait any longer – just go for it. You won’t regret it. I know I should start at the beginning, so I’ll go back now.