About Us

With the heritage of making a change in The Gambia for the past 12 years, Volunteer Trails is the creation of a new vision that will improve the quality of lives of Gambians in a sustainable and self-sufficient way.

We are the voice for responsible volunteering and eco-, rural- and community-based travel in The Gambia.
Everyone involved in our projects is fairly paid and encouraged. Hand in hand with communities, we create job opportunities as we don’t believe that (just) giving is beneficial to the people and their future. Our mission is to minimize or completely remove dependency on instant cash donations. Instead, we believe there must be an exchange of services and/or products for earnings.

Education, exchange, sharing, accepting and making an impact is our mission. And we invite like-minded people to join us.


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Help us light up the village of Kerewan Samba Sira with 150 additional solar lights to help create a safe environment and boost the local economy by creating a safe environment with extended working hours. 

Volunteer Trails - The Gambia
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