Acknowledgement and Warm Welcome

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the head of the village, Mr Mohammed Saidy and his brother, Mr Yerro Saidy; the Mandinka Alkalo of the village – Mr Ebrima Fatty; the two imams – Mr Sawaneh and Mr Bah, chief Mr Baldeh, Hon. Mballow, headmaster of Kerewan Samba Sira Primary School, Lamin Manneh, Kamana Ceesay, and all the villagers for their warm welcome and willingness to embrace positive change.
Your support has been crucial in our efforts to implement sustainable projects, including the upcoming cotton project, aimed at fostering development and enhancing the well-being of the community.

Successful Implementation of Phase 2

With your collective support, we successfully installed an additional 75 solar lights, bringing much-needed light to the village. The reception and prayers we received from the villagers were genuinely heartwarming and left a lasting impression on our team and guests.

Cultural Exchange and Collaboration

The villagers demonstrated their appreciation by escorting us to the village with traditional music and dance. We engaged in a workshop, exchanging knowledge about calabash and cotton, fostering cultural understanding, and creating memorable moments of collaboration and cultural exchange.

Supporting Education and Sports

We are excited to announce our commitment to supporting the education of future football players from the village football academy called Salifu Mballow and Children Academy. Additionally, the top 20 female students from Kerewan Samba Sira Primary School will be included in our “sponsor a child” program, addressing the educational gender gap in the village. To support a football player or a girl from Kerewan Samba Sira, please reach out to us at We support almost 600 children in The Gambia with monthly donations and yearly school fees with the help of donors from different European countries.


The success of Phase 2 has fueled our determination to proceed with the third and final phase of the solar lights installation. We are actively seeking funds for this endeavour and invite you to contribute to the completion of this transformative project. We also extend an invitation to companies interested in partnering with us on future rural development projects.


For those wishing to contribute to the last phase or explore future collaboration opportunities, please reach out to

Here is a breakdown of what we require for the additional 75 lights.

75 SOLAR LIGHTS: €3,250
75 IRON POLES: €1,750
75 IRON PLATES (for light installation): €95
WELDING (+ off-loading, loading) 75 POLES: €215
TRANSPORT (in the city, to the village, within the village): €600
TOTAL: €7,810

The purchase and installation of solar lights will be monitored with our cameras and published on our social networks.

Account Number (GMD): 6240037610
BBAN (GMD): 008201624003761074
Account Number (EUR): 6240037611
BBAN (EUR): 008201624003761171
Beneficiary Bank name: Ecobank Gambia Ltd.
Beneficiary Bank Address: 42 Kairaba Avenue, Serekunda – The Gambia.

Please support this project to make a difference in the lives of hundreds! Donate to the account above or the button below and share this article with friends and family to make this dream come true.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to Alkalo, Mohammed Saidy, and all the villagers for being the driving force behind positive change in Kerewan Samba Sira. Your support is invaluable, and together, we can continue making a lasting impact.

With gratitude,
Team Volunteer Trails & My Gambia

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