Explore the diverse range of volunteering opportunities available in The Gambia and discover the perfect match for your interests and skills. Our array of programs spans various fields, providing you with the chance to contribute meaningfully to the local community.

Whether you have a passion for education, a desire to make a difference in healthcare, or an interest in environmental conservation, we have opportunities that align with your goals. Delve into projects supporting social work, agriculture, or media production, and experience the fulfillment of making a positive impact.

Click HERE to browse through the current volunteering areas and programs, ensuring you find the one that resonates with your values and aspirations. If you don’t find a specific program that aligns with your vision but have a unique idea or skill set to offer, reach out to us at info@volunteertrails.com. We are dedicated to fostering flexibility and are open to tailoring volunteer experiences beyond established programs, in collaboration with our coordinators.

Take the first step toward a rewarding and enriching volunteer journey in The Gambia. Your commitment can contribute to creating positive, sustainable change, and we are here to guide you in finding the ideal opportunity that suits you best.

Volunteering Opportunities

Assistance in the Nursery School

The kindergarten caters to children aged 4 to 8, organized into three preschool education levels. The primary goal of preschool education is to equip children with essential skills, primarily in English language, numeracy, and shapes, serving as a robust foundation for their entry into primary school. Volunteers in the kindergarten contribute as teacher’s assistants, leading workshops and sharing knowledge to prepare interactive lessons for young learners.

Summer Camp in the Nursery School

Join us for a rewarding volunteering experience during the summer holidays at our kindergarten in Brufut, Ghana Town, The Gambia. The summer camps cater to children from the local villages, including those attending our kindergarten year-round and those who have never had the chance to enroll in school.

7 days Musical Trail + Volunteering​

Embark on the Ninki Nanka Musical Trail, a captivating 7-day journey that invites you to discover The Gambia through the enchanting realm of music. This unique expedition combines awe-inspiring sights, deep dives into history, rich traditions, vibrant culture, and soul-stirring heritage. Feel the rhythmic beats of traditional drums, and the warmth of Gambian soil beneath your feet as you dance, and share a piece of your heart with the welcoming people you’ll meet along the way.

Media Production

Dive into the world of media production and storytelling as you document volunteer experiences across urban and rural Gambia. Capture the essence of our projects, from healthcare initiatives to cultural preservation efforts, and share these stories through compelling videos and visuals. Your creativity helps amplify our impact and promote cross-cultural understanding.

Environmental Protection/Turtle Conservation

Join forces with local environmentalists in Gunjur to safeguard endangered marine species, especially turtles. From night patrols to habitat conservation projects, volunteers play a vital role in preserving biodiversity and raising awareness about sustainable practices. Dive into conservation work that makes a tangible difference in protecting Gambia’s natural heritage.


Gain hands-on experience in healthcare at Kanifing General Hospital, serving diverse communities across The Gambia. Assist medical teams in patient care, procedural support, and therapeutic activities while learning about healthcare delivery in a dynamic setting. Your contributions directly impact patient outcomes and contribute to a healthier society.


Explore the intricacies of healthcare diagnostics at a government hospital laboratory in Kanifing. Work alongside skilled technicians, conduct tests, and assist in critical lab functions. Your adaptability and problem-solving skills contribute to efficient healthcare delivery and support the local health system’s vital functions.


Step into the realm of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services at Penmar Clinic, a pioneering Gambian-led facility. Collaborate with experienced therapists, participate in therapy sessions, and witness the impact of specialized care on patients’ lives. Your dedication to improving healthcare outcomes enhances the clinic’s mission of accessible and effective treatments.

Veterinary Services

Dive into veterinary care at a clinic in Senegambia. Assist veterinarians in medical procedures, learn about animal healthcare practices, and contribute to promoting animal welfare. Your hands-on experience and compassion make a tangible difference in the well-being of animals and the local veterinary community.